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Other Real Housewives of Potomac admit husbands not home for weeks or months like on #RHOP

Although Bravo has presented a money maker titled Real Housewives Of Potomac, the other real housewives of Potomac meet to watch the show and list out things that women in that enclave do and don't do. "While some gathered for the debut have houses as large and beautiful as those portrayed on the show -- living in Avenel, on/near Glen Road and in the palatial River Road homes, to n

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Robyn Dixon earns her first celebrity Pay check #RHOP come meet her

Well, the super public relationship person is about to stack her checks and get out of debt. Robyn Dixon will be in Baltimore at the car show. If you want to side eye her, kiss her, hug her, or shout at her, you have to attend the auto show in Baltimore. Please remember no humping allowed.

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