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Frank Ski is back in the DMV at WHUR radio

Frank Ski has been gone for at least 10 years now. At one point, he was known as Baltimore radio host for many years and a UDC radio host very early on in his career. Many people don't know that Frank Ski made the song Dodo Brown. Ski is currently trying out for the radio host position at WHUR radio.

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Did Frank Ski get busted by his wife and now exits WHUR?

Many people are thinking that Frank Ski got busted by his wife with one of these DC women and, she wants to return to the deep south. Well, this rumor is not true. According to his current employer, Frank Ski played a major role in the rankings at WHUR. With a statement like that, everyone assuming Ski asked for more money and WHUR said no. Well, at this point, Frank Sk

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