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Another radio shake up at WHUR

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If you have not heard , Marc Clarke and Allison Seymour are out at 96.3 WHUR. Although Clarke seems a little grumpy in the video, he appears to be taking a different directions with his career. It appears. Donnie Simpson and Pam Simpson won the radio battle of Potomac couple war off River Rd.

Clarke and Seymour are not the only media personalities that got the cutt at WHUR. DJ EZ Street and Angela Stribling are gone too. The replacement for Clarke and Seymour is Frank Ski and Nina Brown. The replacement for DJ EZ Street is that Flavor of love chic name Autumn Joi . The replacement for Angela Striblingis John Monds.

Radio ratings played a big part in the WHUR radio roaster cutts. At this time during the Covid-19, people are not in their cars listening to the radio if they are listening to radio at all with all the other media options out there.