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Unconfirmed reports: Society Lounge and Republic Garden in Silver Spring closed down by the government due to the Rona

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If you visit downtown Silver Spring in the state of Maryland, you may have noticed that things have changed in downtown Silver Spring. There is new development and, downtown Silver Spring was developing a strong night life. Well, COVID-19 has come to town and, many local governments are enforcing the social distance law. The latest businesses that have been hit by this new law has been Society Lounge and Republic Garden.

Society Lounge is an upscale restaurant lounge that has a large multi-cultural customer base and at times has live entertainment. Republic Garden is one of the new lounges on the block that has a similar clientele. Currently, as you drive north on Georgia Ave, you will notice a lot of restaurants that have people literally seating in the street for blocks. This is part of the rules for social distancing.

With many other restaurants on the same strip as Society Lounge and Republic Garden and conducting business similar to the two restaurants, people are wondering will those restaurants be closed next.