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Loud Mouth Danni Starr fired from Kane Show

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Danni Starr has a strong radio personality and , this could be the reason for her departure from the Kane Show or money. If you are a fan of the Kane Show, you may have notice the ex reality tv star and long time industry radio personality Danni Starr not on the air.

Although Starr is a female, her radio style should not be a factor when compared to men in the radio industry.

All Access is reporting the following formation .

Danni Starr (right) is no longer co-hosting with Kane on his Hot 99.5, WIHT morning show. Recently, DCRTV has fielding lots of rumors from listeners of the contemporary hits station who believe that she was no longer with the show. Starr has been off the air for a couple of weeks, occasionally posting messages on her Facebook page hinting at her having left the show, while the Kane show has been in "best of" mode on and off recently setting up its own speculation, AA reports. Hot 99.5 Program Director Tommy Chuck tells the radio trade pub: "Danni Starr is no longer part of 'The Kane Show' and will be looking at new opportunities within iHeartMedia. We appreciate all of her contributions during her time with 'The Kane Show'".....