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Other Real Housewives of Potomac admit husbands not home for weeks or months like on #RHOP

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Although Bravo has presented a money maker titled Real Housewives Of Potomac, the other real housewives of Potomac meet to watch the show and list out things that women in that enclave do and don't do.

"While some gathered for the debut have houses as large and beautiful as those portrayed on the show -- living in Avenel, on/near Glen Road and in the palatial River Road homes, to name a few of the places spotted in the set up shots -- the crowd gathered on Tara Road agreed on the following: No one walks around in shoes -- in the middle of the day -- with heals the size of those sported by Gizelle Bryant. No one in the room admitted to sharing a house and a bed with her ex-husband, as Juan Dixon and his real housewife Robyn Dixon are doing. A few have husbands who travel for business living elsewhere during the week or months at a time, such as Eddie Jordan and his wife Charrisse Jackson Jordan. No one has ever been to the burlesque restaurant at which the #RHOP celebrated RH Karen's birthday, though all were in consensus that it must be in D.C. (not Potomac). A few immediately googled, "burlesque restaurant DC" and confirmed it's in Northwest, DC. While some have cooked live Maryland crabs for summer parties at their homes (or at the beach), everyone agreed that if Jordan was going to have a catered party (with bartenders and a stylist to do her hair, make-up and pedicure the day of the party) she should also have also have hired someone cook the crabs, rather than relying on her friend, causing an etiquette snafu. "You can buy them cooked," the crowd shouted nearly in unison. Everyone agreed that no one they know talks as rudely to each other as was portrayed on the show." source